A big THANK YOU to Sainsbury's Sury Basin!


Fabians Trust are grateful to Sainsburys , Sury Basin , Kingston for all their help and support over the last year when Fabian's Trust was their Local Charity of the Year. Special thanks go to Tom, Ed, Anne and Peter and the local store charity team.


Thank you too to the generous customers who popped their change into the many collection pots and who were pleased to make a donation for Fabian trolley coins.


We had many an hour being available to bag pack and customer meet and greet at our charity stand .


Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who came from far and wide.


Also special thank you to the musicians SL,Alison and Anna Chai. Violin, Accordion and Saxaphone and to Mitchiko and Isa Gibbs for their wonderful playing in the store at Christmas time. Customers were thrilled to be entertained with such lovely Christmas music while they shopped.


Now our year of support is up we make way for another worthy cause and look forward to being back again one day!


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The Fabian Bate Memorial Trust Charity Recognised No. 061000023961.