Fabian's Trust announced as Sainsbury's Sury Basin  Local Charity of the Year


Thank you for casting your votes... We are pleased to announce that Fabian’s Childhood Cancer Charity  has been selected as the Sainsbury's Sury Basin Local Charity of the Year! We won both the online and in-store vote and will be working with the Sury Basin branch over the coming year to put on a number of different fundraising events.


If you would like to get involved we are looking for volunteers to help with packing bags at the tills and other activities. Funds raised will go towards our everyday work of supporting families looking after children with cancer and also towards research into Relapsed Childhood Leukaemia.


If you would like to get involved please get in touch - we would love to heard from you!






The Fabian Bate Memorial Trust Charity Recognised No. 061000023961.