Fabians Childhood Cancer Trust

Charity of the Year Launch!

On Saturday 3rd September '16, Fabian's Trust was officially launched as Sainsbury's Sury Basin Charity of the Year!


It was great to introduce ourselves to the Sainsbury's staff and customers who voted us in as their Charity for the next year.

Fabian would have been thrilled to see everyone in his favourite lime green t-shirts!


It was wonderful to have the support and enthusiasm of our team of 21 friends and family representing the charity as volunteers through the day.


Even though the store was not that busy (it still being holiday time) and people who actually wanted their bags packed at the tills were rather few and far between, we still managed to raise over £440.


It was about being a 'presence' and letting people know about the charity plus connecting as a team and generating motivation for the work of the charity.


It was so lovely to receive encouragement and offers of further support from friends and family.


A very big THANK YOU to Sainsbury's and to all the volunteers on the day for their time and dedication to Fabian.







The Fabian Bate Memorial Trust Charity Recognised No. 061000023961.