Thank you to Garson's Farm's for all their help in 2017!

We are so grateful to have been Garsons of Esher's Charity of the Year for 2017 and for their help in raising £4650 for Fabian's Childhood Cancer Trust last year! Below is a letter from Fabian's mum to Garsons thanking our friends at the Farm for all their help...



'We want to say an enormous thank you to Garsons Director Ben Thompson and all the Garsons team especially Michelle and Klara, for their hard work and devotion to our charity over 2017.


It has been such an honour to be promoted by Garsons Farm which has lots of special memories for us with Fabian.


A real highlight was of course having the bean fields named after Fabian and we look forward to going and picking some later this year in view of the lovely Fabian sign.


Our vision as a charity has been very aptly fulfilled by keeping Fabians memory alive, helping families effected by childhood cancer and raising funds to help with research into a cure for children who have multiple Leukemia relapses like Fabian.


Thank you again to all the generous Garsons customers for their outstanding support.


Lydia Bate

On behalf of

Fabian’s Childhood Cancer Trust'




For more information about Garsons Farm go to their website at or visit Garsons Farm,Winterdown Road, West End, Esher, Surrey KT10 8LS


A very big THANK YOU to all at Garsons Farm!






From top: Garsons Farm, Fabian gardening, FCCT Chairman Frank Watson (Fabian's Grandfather) at Garsons Farm in June 2017


The Fabian Bate Memorial Trust Charity Recognised No. 061000023961.