Evangelos goes to Legoland!

Fabians Trust sent little Evangelos to Legoland this summer. He is waiting to go to America to receive Immunotherapy treatment for Neuroblastoma.


He looks so happy with Alanna, his hospital play specialist who accompanied the family to Legoland. Alanna writes,


"We had a fantastic day at Legoland thanks to Fabians Childhood Cancer Trust. Evangelos was very excited to win a giant donut, earn his Lego driving license, and had the opportunity to be part of the Lego Fire Academy! We had a great time on the rides, watching a pirate stunt show, and seeing the incredible Lego models. Fabian's Trust also provided us with a photo pass, lunch costs and gifts from the Lego Store which all made the day even more special. The family are extremely grateful for your generosity- it was lovely to see Evangelos and his family enjoying their day out, away from the hospital, and it was the perfect send off before they head to New York. Thank you for a truly memorable day"


With the generous support of our fundraisers we were able to cover the cost of this wonderful outing, including meals and Digital photo pass and for the children to choose presents from the Legoland Lego store.


The family were hugely grateful for this opportunity to create wonderful memories and to have special times together captured on film.


We send our love and thoughts to Evangelos and his family as he goes to America for his special treatment.



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