Raising funds for Fabian's Trust

at Christmas!

Christmas 2016 was a very busy time for Fabian's Trust. From Christmas present wrapping at Kingston's Bentalls Centre to entertaining shoppers at Sainsbury's Sury Basin here are some of the ways we were raising funds and awareness over the festive season....


Christmas Present Wrapping at the Bentalls Centre

We were back at the Bentalls Centre in Kingston for the second year running, wrapping presents for the crowds of Christmas shoppers.


We want to thank the Bentalls Centre  management team for all their support and help again this year. The new stand was a very good height to wrap from and we were thrilled with the lovely new banner and tablecloth that Bentalls  provided for us, along with lots of lovely wrapping paper.


We were so grateful to have this wonderful opportunity to wrap Christmas gifts in exchange for a small donation to Fabian's Trust. By Christmas Eve we had raised over three and a half thousand pounds!



St Mary's Christmas Fair

St Mary's Christmas fair. Fabians stall offered a range of beautiful hand made crafts made by Knit and Natter West Horsley run by Mary Evans.


The stall made an amazing £100! We want to thank Mary Evans and all at Knit and Natter for all the beautiful crafts they have produced.



Christmas Carols at Sury Basin

Sainsbury's Sury Basin customers had a real treat a few days before Christmas while they shopped!


The Chai family - SL, Alison,and Anna - who are all professional musicians, along with Cousin Martus, played Christmas carols and Christmas songs to the festive shoppers. We were honoured to have such lovely musicians supporting Fabian's Trust in this way.



Working with Kingston College

Thanks so much to all at Kingston college for adopting Fabians charity. We are so grateful to Peter Mayhew-Smith, Karen Wheatley , Hayley Baker and Rebecca Doulton and the students for their hard work and effort and long-term commitment.


We had a stand Kingston college staff Christmas party (pictured), which the staff so kindly gave to.


Read more about Kingston College's involvement with Fabian's trust by clicking here...


A very big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped out over Christmas for their time and dedication to Fabian's Trust!







The Fabian Bate Memorial Trust Charity Recognised No. 061000023961.